What is digital marketing

“Digital marketing” is the process of building and controlling customer relationships through online activities to simplify the exchange of idea, products, services that satisfy the goals of both parties.

In simple term, this marketing is creating awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty for a brand, product and service from digital platform.

Through this marketing we can easily target people based on location, age, and interests and measure as clicks, impression and visit.

Constituent of digital marketing

  • Traffic Acqyisition channel
  1. Search engine: – It’s a process of getting traffic and achieving higher position from natural and organic search results on search engine.
  2. Social Media: – Social media marketing is a form of marketing that use social site like Facebook, Instagram etc to promote product or brand for awareness.
  3. Email Marketing: – it’s a process of sending commercial message, usually to a group of people using email. It’s a highly targeted and measurable marketing.
  4. Display Adverting: – Display adverting marketing is also called banner ads on online that is generally design image, logo and text.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: – Affiliate marketing means that one party promote other party’s product and get a commission for make a sale and found a lead.
  • Supporting channel
  1. Mobile MARKETING
  2. Website
  3. Analytics

Digital marketing process framework

 Four types of framework:

Step 1 Awareness: – aim is awareness of unaware people.

Step 2 Consideration: – aim is converting aware people in interest

Step 3 Purchase: – aim is interest people to buy

Step 4 Loyalty: – aim is buyer become loyal customer


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